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Deliver on your promises to donors.

We collaborated with 100+ advancement officers to design the scholarship software they need to take their capabilities to the next level.

Here's what Awarded offers:
Happier donors knowing their funds are being awarded correctly
More time to spend on fundraising activities and less on admin work
Relief from unwieldy spreadsheets and back-and-forth email chains
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Collaborate across offices

Shared access to utilization reports and progress updates. Everyone deserves to operate off of real-time information.

Instant access to the right data

Keep track of scholarship recipients, fund amounts, application progress and much more so you're always up to date

Donor thank you's and more

Manage all of your post-award activities with ease, including thank you messages, consent forms and student photos.

Donor intent compliant, always

We automate the eligibility verification of each scholarship candidate based on the donor criteria for each scholarship

Frequently Asked Questions

Can I customize thank you templates and edit student submissions directly?
Absolutely. We designed the Awarded platform to be customizable for each school. We also recognize it can be cumbersome to wait for students to update small issues in their submissions, so we built-in spell checks and the ability for administrators to directly edit student submissions if they need to.
How can I improve student participation and completion rates with Awarded?
You can batch email and text message students with incomplete follow-up tasks. Text messages are far more effective to prompt a student to complete their follow-ups.
What if our school uses endowed scholarships on a replacement basis?
If you are replacing committed scholarships with endowed funds, Awarded can help by a) tracking what the committed scholarship amounts were for each student, to make sure you're hitting those targets with endowed funds, and b) offering better communication to students to notify why they are seeing different named funds on their accounts and the importance of writing thank you notes for donors.
Can I batch update fund amounts when I receive endowment performance updates?
Yes - batch updates are possible for scholarship fund balances to make sure you are awarding based on the most updated guidance from your business office and/or finance team.

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