For Business & Finance Offices

Stay up to date with your scholarships.

Here's what Awarded offers:
Confidence that all teams are using the same, up-to-date scholarship amounts
Increase utilization of endowed and restricted funds
Relief from unwieldy spreadsheets and back-and-forth email chains
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All-in-one, real-time

Shared access to utilization reports and progress updates. Everyone deserves to operate off of real-time information.

Manage fund utilization

Easily identify eligible students for each scholarship and avoid large accruals from year to year.

Track committed aid amounts

If you commit a certain amount of scholarships to students prior to the fund matching process, Awarded can help make sure those amounts are met

Donor intent compliant, always

We automate the eligibility verification of each scholarship candidate based on the donor criteria for each scholarship

Frequently Asked Questions

Can I batch update fund amounts when I receive endowment performance updates?
Yes - batch updates are possible for scholarship fund balances to make sure you are awarding based on the most updated guidance from your business office and/or finance team.

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