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With Awarded's auto-eligibility screening your financial aid team can accelerate award matching while maintaining guaranteed compliance with donor intent.

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Frequently Asked Questions

Everything you need to know about the product.
How does Target Awarding work?
With Awarded, you can set target award amounts for students to make sure you are distributing your scholarship funds in alignment with your enrollment objectives. You can set award targets for different priority groups, like merit scholars or students with retention risks, and make sure that you are prioritizing students with a high target award in your awards process.
How can I use Target Awarding if I'm using endowed funds to replace committed aid?
With Awarded, you can simply set the target award amount for each student to match their committed aid amounts. That way, you can make sure you are maximizing endowed fund utilization while mitigating any impact on your operating or institutional budget.
What happens if a students drops out or is no longer eligible for a scholarship?
Awarded has automatic realignment verification, so if an awarded student suddenly goes on a leave of absence, drops out or becomes otherwise ineligible for a scholarship, those awards are flagged for re-awarding, and administrators are notified in an email. For example, if you award a student a scholarship prior to their enrollment, but they don't end up matriculating, you can be alerted to re-allocate those funds to other eligible students.
Can I batch update fund amounts when I receive endowment performance updates?
Yes - batch updates are possible for scholarship fund balances to make sure you are awarding based on the most updated guidance from your business office and/or finance team.

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