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Faster, smarter awarding

We collaborated with 100+ financial aid officers to design the scholarship software they need to take their capabilities to the next level.

Here's what Awarded offers:
Higher student yield and retention with smart awarding features
Better fund utilization with live tracking and applicant reminders
Happier financial aid teams, relieved of unwieldy spreadsheets and back-and-forth email chains
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Automate eligibility screening

Awarded auto-screens candidates for their eligibility according to scholarship criteria, so you don't need to worry about complicated filters.

Powerful integrations

We integrate with Student Information Systems (SIS) and messaging capabilities to allow you to send SMS and email to students in bulk.

Manage reviewing with ease

Assign reviews to reviewers with one click. Track progress and send reminders to ensure on-time completion.

All-in-one solution

Manage your applications, reviews, scoring and reporting all from Awarded.

Frequently Asked Questions

How does Awarded know which students are eligible for each scholarship?
We compile all scholarship selection criteria and gift agreement data to identify what characteristics are required to be eligible for the scholarship, and then we use integrations with your Student Information System, as well as student application data (optional) to automatically screen students for eligibility.
What happens if a students drops out or is no longer eligible for a scholarship?
Awarded has automatic realignment verification, so if an awarded student suddenly goes on a leave of absence, drops out or becomes otherwise ineligible for a scholarship, those awards are flagged for re-awarding, and administrators are notified in an email.
Can I automate awarding renewable scholarships with Awarded?
Absolutely. We verify all students with renewing scholarships against the scholarship requirements. If they meet those renewing criteria, the student will automatically receive the award once again. If not, you can see which students won't be receiving the renewable award and why.
Can I batch update fund amounts when I receive endowment performance updates?
Yes - batch updates are possible for scholarship fund balances to make sure you are awarding based on the most updated guidance from your business office and/or finance team.

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