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Here's what Awarded offers:
More scholarship opportunities - see a school's internal and external scholarship listings in an easy to search table
Less time filling out endless forms with our FastApp and auto-fill tools
No more stress about what steps you might have missed - you'll receive email and text updates throughout the process
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Tailored scholarship search

No more combing through laundry lists of scholarships that don't apply to you. See what scholarships you're eligible for based on your own profile.

Scholarships on demand

Don't wait to find out what you're eligible for or what you need to do. See everything you need to do - no phone calls or office visits needed.

Vetted external scholarships

View potential external scholarships you may be eligible for to maximize your awards.

Text and email notifications

We automate the eligibility verification of each scholarship candidate based on the donor criteria for each scholarship

Ditch the spreadsheets. Get Awarded.

Replace your scholarship stress with confidence.
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