Drew University

On Working With Awarded

"Working with Awarded has been a wonderful experience. They helped our department take our stewardship reports to the next level and were incredibly responsive every step of the way. They responded to EVERY email, every request, and every deadline. They were a great partner to share ideas with and get feedback and were always open to suggestions or ideas. I've truly enjoyed working with them and feel that our team improved and excelled because of our partnership with them."


"Awarded is worth every penny. Budgets are always tight in Higher Education, but working with Awarded will give you peace of mind and efficiency that make the investment well worth it."

On Partnerships With Awarded

"I would highly recommend Awarded to anyone considering a partnership with them. You will not regret working with a team as dedicated and knowledgeable as Amaan (their CEO) and Pranav (their CTO)."

On What It Would Feel Like To Not Have Awarded

"This may sound dramatic but I would be devastated. Awarded has taken the tedious and manual process of creating our stewardship reports and helped us create professional and sophisticated PDFs. They created an efficient platform that has elevated our entire reporting process. Without their support and platform, our stewardship reports would not be the same."

Our Support Guarantee

Customer success is our number 1 priority and the driving force behind everything we do. If you're interested in learning more, please reach out!