Donor Relations Group

Our Partnership With The Donor Relations Group

The Donor Relations Group has been a proud champion of some of the top Donor Relations software products of the last several years. We're delighted to partner with them to find better ways to serve the industry and the incredible pool of donor relations professionals achieving great impact at their organizations. Lynne and the rest of the DRG team have been users of the Awarded platform and continuously provide us with product feedback and new feature ideas to move the industry forward.

Previous Webinars

We've had the pleasure to co-lead webinars with Lynne Wester, the founder of the Donor Relations Group. If you'd like access to recordings of these webinars, feel free to reach out to

Awarded's March 1st webinar with the Donor Relations Group covered essential tools & tactics to streamline scholarship management

Awarded's March 15th webinar with the Donor Relations Group dove into the details of smarter fund audits and compliance