Partnering With Indian River State College

IRSC is a special organization doing special things. Awarded is a proud supporter of their growth and eager enabler of their scholarship successes. Their leadership has shown exemplary urgency, motivation and ownership and continues to do an excellent job to create new opportunities for a wonderful student body in Fort Pierce. Awarded is thrilled to play a small part in their success.

Our Partnership

Like all of our typical partnerships, Awarded's co-founders visited the IRSC team in-person for training and implementation. During this session, we covered:

  • Awarded's 100 Day Success Plan to implement the software, train key users and launch the platform to more than 20,000 students
  • Awarded's historical assessment, which analyzed 5 years of historical data to identify opportunities for increased fund utilization, expanded student engagement, improved donor transparency and more equitable award distribution
  • Student feedback and verbatims to highlight how important this process is for students, and low hanging fruit available to improve the student experience
  • Ways to improve budgets while expanding the number of scholarship dollars offered to students
  • Leadership buy-in, from the President through to the day to day scholarship experts

Support & Success Orientation

Our partnership continues to thrive, and collectively we are finding new and creative ways to serve the IRSC community. These include:

  • Custom applications and product tours to improve student accessibility
  • Around-the-clock, 7 days a week email and Zoom support for students and administrators
  • New features to continue to save time and resources
  • School-specific and program-specific marketing materials & flyers to boost IRSC's profile and highlight the incredible scholarship opportunities available