Johnson University

Our Partnership With Johnson University

Johnson University selected Awarded Software to help them improve scholarship matching, student thank you note collection and automation of their donor reports.

Our Work Together

As a typical partnership, Awarded initiated a 100 Day Success Plan to strategically optimize Johnson University's scholarship management program.

The strategic plan aimed to solve the following four questions:

  • How can we streamline the scholarship matching process to maintain strong compliance with donor intent, while reducing staff time and errors?
  • How can we improve our thank you note collection process to boost engagement, improve quality and generate stunning, professional reports that engage donors?
  • What kinds of donor engagement will we see through improved transparency and higher quality student stories?

Our Results

Johnson University was very pleased with its results just months into implementing Awarded Software. Key success metrics included:

  • 2X increase in thank you notes collected from students
  • 40% increase in thank you note responses in the same week with the deployment of SMS reminders
  • It took just 2 weeks from the time our reports were mailed out for the first donors to upsize their contributions to the University

We're excited to continue to produce better results and better experiences for the Johnson University community for years to come!