Our Partnership with Southwestern Adventist University

SWAU is a deeply valued partner of ours. SWAU is an institution that has seen many challenges over the years, especially with failed implementations of other software. SWAU brought Awarded on board amidst a volatile period in which they saw many key staff members - their CFO, their VP of Advancement, Director of Donor Relations and others, turn over in their roles. Awarded continues to meet with SWAU leadership weekly to find ways to improve scholarship matching, donor reporting and general advancement gains for the institution.

Services & Support Offered

Awarded takes deep pride in working with institutions in need. SWAU has a strong sense of mission, which gets us very excited to find new opportunities for improvement and service to their organization and community. Some of these have included:

  • Done-for-you data migration
  • Fund auditing of donor gift agreements to identify areas of concern and opportunities to loosen donor restrictions
  • Re-designed student scholarship application to boost engagement and response rates
  • SMS reminders to boost applications and thank you note reception
  • Automated donor impact reporting to improve fundraising and donor retention